Online Classes: Full Details

During the UK lockdown we’ll be running classes every day on Instagram live and also on YouTube live. The YouTube classes will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel so you’ll be able to watch them again and join in if you can’t make it to the live sessions.

Here’s the list of classes along with links to our Instagram & YouTube profiles, step by instructions on how to join the classes and what you can expect.

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Royal Resistance Classes

Monday 0800 & 1900
Tuesday 12 & 1900
Wednesday 0800 & 1900
Thursday 12 & 1900
Friday 0800 & 1200
Sat/Sun – times tbc.

Yoga / Wed 1-2pm and Sunday 4-5pm: Live on Zoom
Please send me your email address to be added to the zoom invite for this.

Zumba Fitness with Jane and more @ 7:30pm Monday to Thuesday: Live on Facebook


How to Join

Make sure to give us a wave!


Facebook: Zumba Group – to join search for “Zumba Fitness with Jane and more”.

To join these classes you just need to show up on the platform and work your socks off! If you miss it then please go back and join in.


What to Expect

We’re trying to incorporate all of the things you love into our online classes, that means we’ll be starting off with a little chat (and some banter!) before getting straight into a warm up.

Most of our classes offer a complete body workout and will give you a real boost to make being stuck at home all day a bit more bearable.

You don’t need any special equipment to join in, although we do recommend dumbbells and water.

Staying fit and healthy and connecting with each other even though we can’t go out is one way we can all stay motivated and come out of this crisis stronger than ever so I hope you’ll join us for as many classes as possible!