Junior/Youth Boxing

Boxing at Royal Resistance is for 8-10 year olds (Junior Boxers) and 10-16 years old (Youth Boxers) who want to learn to box, get fit and compete. The boxing classes are split into recreational boxers and competitive boxers and we also have sessions purely focused on strength and conditioning. Once boxers develop their stance, foot work, punching, defense and ringcraft and we feel they are ready to compete then we progress them onto competitive boxing.

Class Times for Junior Boxers (8-10 years old):
Monday 4-5pm – Boxing Focused
Saturday 1030-1130 Boxing Focused

Class times for Youth Boxers(10-16 years old):
Monday 5-6pm  – Boxing Focused
Tuesday 5-6pm – Sparring (Competitive Boxers)
Wednesday 7-8pm – Strength & Conditioning (Competitive Boxers)
Thursday 6-7pm – Boxing Focused
Saturday 1030-1130am – Boxing Focused (Mixed open session)
Sunday 0930-1030am – Strength & Conditioning (Competitive Boxers)

We recommended everyone invests in a pair of boxing gloves (14oz), hand wraps, skipping rope and gum shield. Please see the FAQs with all the links to the equipment.

Next Steps:
1. Download the ‘Royal Resistance’ App from the app store or google play.
2. Create an account for your child.
3. Sign up for Junior/Youth Membership option via the Royal Resistance App.
4. Book your child’s first class and watch the progress in their boxing and fitness.

Sign up HERE for Junior/Youth Boxing and Fitness Membership!