Royal Resistance Fitness


RR Classes

Royal Resistance (RR) is a high tempo, equipment based, training class in a supportive group environment.

RR classes use weights, battle ropes, tractor tyres, kettle bells, pull up rigs, assault bikes, sleds and much more to keep shocking your body!

All classes take place in a high-energy and encouraging environment. The motivating music, and inspiring instructors will push you to run, lift, and work harder than ever before!


RR Strongman

This Strongman circuit based class consist of lifting heavy objects in different ways.

Whether its from the floor to overhead or pushing, pulling and holding heavy things, you will build full body strength.

We have endless power moves, lifting, carrying, farmers walks, tyre flips to keep you getting stronger and stronger!


RR Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a method of training only using your bodyweight as a means to get strong.

Calisthenics trains your full core & develops body control.

In this class you’ll learn popular gymnastics skills like the muscle up, handstand and much, MUCH more!


RR Weight Lifting

Transform your physique with weight lifting classes and see the increase in speed and power

Train large muscle groups with squats, dead lifts, bench press to build lean muscle and pure strength.

We’ll teach you the correct techniques and help you progress to lifting more and more weight in a safe, controlled environment.

RR Yoga

This class is a mixture of yoga postures and mindful movement to stretch out tired muscles and encourage joint mobility.

Aid recovery, de-stress and feel great!

All bodies and abilities welcome.


RR Junior Fitness

RR Junior Fitness classes are for 10-16 year olds, to join in, work hard and have fun.

We try to vary the classes to keep the youngsters engaged and challenging themselves.

We always offer rep ranges so all levels can attend and we encourage each person to give 100% effort.

This class is for any youngster wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

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