Personal Training Kidbrooke Village


Reach new goals and train more effectively by working out guided by an expert personal trainer. 

Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals and need an extra push? Not sure if you’re training in the right way to lose weight, punching, lifting and moving with the correct technique ? Do you need some expert guidance and motivation?

Training in our friendly gym with a personal trainer and bespoke training plan will get you focused and on a programme for success. That’s why our personal training sessions are perfect for those who are looking for an extra edge and guidance. We’ll help you make real progress towards achieving your goals… and we’ll have some fun too!

Our gym is based in Kidbrooke Village and just a short walk from Kidbrooke station making us easily accessible from the surrounding areas of Shooters Hill, Eltham, Blackheath and Woolwich.

Let our personal trainers support you to get the results, whatever the goal!

One to One Personal Training

With 1:1 personal training all the focus is on you and your goals. Work with one of our personal trainers to discuss your health and fitness goals and get working on a bespoke plan that helps you reach those goals in an achievable and maintainable way. Working with a personal trainer is a great way to keep you accountable and maintain consistency with a training plan. 

From £45 per session

Male Personal Trainer assisting a female lifting two dumbells in a gym

Small Group Personal Training

A great way to access the benefits of personal training without the same price tag. Train with a personal trainer alongside 1 or 2 friends to have a focussed and effective training session but at a reduced per person price compared with one to one personal training. 

From £25 per person per session

Two women holding dumbells in a personal training session

One to One Weight Lifting Technique

We coach you to make sure you are proficient performing a deadlift, squat and bench press and know your way around the gym. After completing this 1:1 you’ll feel more confident in classes, lift safely and progress quicker. 

£45 per session

Man lifting a heavy wight in the gym in Kidbrooke Village

One to One Boxing Fundamentals

Learn boxing fundamentals with this 1:1 session. You will learn stance, footwork, punches, hand, foot and trunk defence. We recommend booking one of these sessions before attending a Royal Resistance boxing class if you’ve never boxed before.

£45 per session

Male Personal Trainer working with a woman using boxing gloves and pads

Our Personal Training Team

Starting personal training can seem daunting but it needn’t be. Our Personal Trainers are all friendly, easy to get along with and have many years industry experience across different disciplines including boxing & yoga. Take a look at some of our trainer profiles and get in touch to book your first personal training session.  

Man standing in a boxing ring wearing a black tshirt with the words Royal Resistance

Boxing Coach & Owner


Steve works with the junior and senior boxers at Royal Resistance. If you have any questions regarding the gym, classes or personal training contact us or email

Female Personal Trainer with blonde hair wearing a pink jacket and leggins

Yoga & Mobility Specialist


Feona delivers yoga at Royal Resistance. If you have any questions regarding yoga or would like to book in for a 1:1 then enquire now

Personal Trainer & Boxing Coach


Dan works with the senior boxers at Royal Resistance. If you have any questions regarding boxing or would like to book in for a boxing fundamentals 1:1 contact us. 

Personal Training at Royal Resistance

Royal Resistance is based in Kidbrooke Village making personal training easily accessible from the surrounding areas of Shooters Hill, Blackheath and Eltham

Improve your performance by working consistently with a personal trainer. Personal training makes you work harder, smarter and keeps you accountable to your fitness goals. 

Royal Resistance isn’t your typical gym. We have a real community feel and you’ll feel comfortable and welcomed from the minute you step through the door. 

Book your personal training sessions online at days and times that suit you. Stick with one personal trainer or mix it up and book in sessions across our PT team. 

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