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One to One Personal Training

Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals and need an extra push? Not sure if you’re training in the right way to lose weight, punching, lifting and moving with the correct technique ? Do you need some expert guidance and motivation?

Training in our outstanding space with a bespoke training plan will get you focused and on a programme for success. That’s why our personal training sessions are perfect for those who are looking for an extra edge and guidance.

Let the best trainers support you to get the results, whatever the goal!

Whether it’s losing that last half stone to get you to your goal weight or getting the shape you’ve always wanted, we’ll help you make real progress towards achieving your goals… and we’ll have some fun too!

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Our Instructors

Aaron Bennett

I want to help others who seek drive, determination and a need for a healthier balanced lifestyle, regardless of ethnicity, weight, age or gender. My teaching style is technical and progressive, to make sure things are always focussed and fun.

Steve Nodwell

Steve Nodwell

Boxing specialist. I love developing a boxers' technique and seeing the progress they make. There's nothing better than taking someone from zero to hero as a coach!

Steven Vuong

Steven Vuong

It’s all about long term consistency, not short term intensity. Let’s train together, for life and not just for summer!

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