Sports Massage in Kidbrooke Village

Sports Massage in Kidbrooke, South East London

Whether you have an existing injury, or just want to improve your flexibility or range of motion, a sports massage can help.

Sports massages work by releasing tension from muscles or fascia.

We offer massages specific to clients needs so our trained therapists will assess your requirements and set up a tailored massage or course of massages to support you.

Sports massage tends to target injuries and are typically deeper massages than those offered as part of a general everyday massage. The aim of a sports massage will be to help you recover or assist in greater flexibility. For this reason sports massages are performed at a higher pressure to target deeper into muscles so may cause some discomfort

You can book as part of a regular maintenance, or as part of a rehab programme. Most athletes will require a massage at least once a week alongside a training programme, but most regular gym goers tend to benefit from a massage every other week or monthly. If you have a specific injury our therapists can advise a treatment plan. We offer discounted packages for those seeking more regular massages.

The therapist will need to assess and be able to access the site of injury, so as little clothing as possible around this area. We have towels to help you feel more comfortable during the session

Yes if you have tightness or an injury we can customise the massage to you. If you are under treatment with a doctor or specialist it is important you seek their advice before any further treatment. We may need written consent from your medical practitioner before a massage can take place. 

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