My first half marathon!

Ellen and I completed our first official Half Marathon end of Feb, in Barcelona (most expensive half we could do!). Our time was a not too shabby 1 hour and 55 minutes.
Only 18 months ago I told Ellen there was no way ever I would run 10 km with her, let alone 21.1km – a conversation Ellen is often keen to remind me of!
Running is hard and challenging, which is why I like it (now I know I can do it!). It doesn’t get easier, you just get better the more you do.
We don’t rely on running alone, we smash out boot camp sessions which helps with overall strength and stamina which often incorporates short sprints. The Saturday sessions help too as often they involve running and team sprints.
The goal in 2016 was to nail the 10km – extend our runs so that the 10 km becomes easy to simply smash one out on a Sunday morning.  The goal in 2017 is to nail the half marathons and we already have two more booked – clearly beating our time is top of our agenda.
Running has been achievable for me by running with my RA Running Buddies –  we have different goals but as long as you have committed to meet you know you will get your backside off the sofa and feel great afterwards although as El knows, I am still waiting for the runners high – I just want to ‘get it done’ and go to the pub!
Tina Molloy

Tina Molloy