Assisted Stretching – South East London

Assisted Stretching

Our trained therapists will use the most effective stretching and fascia release techniques to help you achieve better flexibility and increased mobility.

The stretches are performed one on one with a trained therapist, and are fully customisable to a clients needs.

Stretching is an essential component to maintaining optimum health and it supports muscles and joints as well as emotional health by reducing stress in the body. Not only can stretching improve mobility and flexibility it can also improve circulation, posture, stress and pain relief.

Anyone! Whether you stretch already as part of a routine or new to stretching, fascial stretch therapy will allow you to become more flexible as the therapists work with your current mobility to comfortably stretch you in positions you can’t always achieve by yourself.
You don’t have to be a gym junkie to get stretched, everyone from every age group can benefit from stretching.

Anytime is good for a stretch. A pre workout stretch can help warm up your body and reduct the risk of injury. It can also help improve your flexibility which is important with any intense workout.

A post workout stretch can help speed recovery by increasing bloody flow and lengthening muscles that have been contracted.

Stretching isn’t just for those who are training, anytime is good to get stretched especially if you are feeling stiff and want to get moving again.

This is dependant on what you are trying to achieve. A one off stretch can help you loosen any tension in your body and get you used to a full body stretch.

A course will allow you to greatly improve flexibility or work alongside a training programme to help you perform better and get better results.

We offer courses of 5 or 10 assisted stretches at discounted rates.

Comfortable clothing often gym wear is best for stretching, anything that doesn’t restrict mobility. We do ask that you wear a fresh pair of socks for the session.

Before the session the therapists will ask you about any current problems or areas you need to focus on. The stretch is a full body programme but if there are areas you want to focus more on, we will build this into your session.

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